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Effects of Fluid Properties on FSM – Minor to Major Effects (B-FSM-189)

In ranking fluid property effects on Facilities Sand Management – use the following as a guideline.

Increased density from heavy oil is a minor effect

  • Heavy oil approaches density of water – minor effect on mobility

Increased interfacial tension from heavy oil is a minor effect

  • Makes particle breakthrough of oil-water interface a bit tougher

Increased coefficient of adhesion from heavy oil is a medium effect

  • Impairs oil-particle separation (cleaning) and impairs particle mobility

Increased viscosity from heavy oil is the MAJOR effect

  • Reduces mobility of sand particle through liquid (oil)
  • Reduces ability to “break” oil and remove sand particle

The increased viscosity from heavy oil or other viscous fluids must be addressed at the primary issue when designing an FSM system.


  1. Rawlins, C.H. 2019. “Enhanced Production Through Surface Facilities Sand Management.” SPE Distinguished Lecturer presentation. Link here

Next week I will discuss options for reducing oil viscosity for FSM.

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