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Facilities Sand Management farewell…prepare for Produced Water Debottlenecking and Partial Processing in 2023. (post B-FSM-200)

This series on Facilities Sand Management started on July 28, 2017 with eBlog post B-FSM-001. The first post can be accessed here and was entitled “All Oil & Gas Wells Produce Sand…”

The goal of this series was to present the training material from the eleven modules of our FSM course. These bite size posts would provide the design and operations engineer with useable information for facilities operation.

The full videos of the Facilities Sand Management course can be found at the link below.

eProcess Technologies: Advancing Separation Solutions (eprocess-training.com). All eleven training modules are provided with options for CC in English or Spanish.

With this current eBlog post number 200 – I conclude the series on Facilities Sand Management. Thank you for your attention these past four and a half years. And as always, I hope you find the information presented useful for your daily activities.

In 2023 we will start a new series on Produced Water Treatment and Partial Processing. The focus will be design and operation of the liquid-liquid hydrocyclone and it’s use in all levels of water treating. From basic operation to extended us in debottlenecking water constrained systems – the deoiler is a ubiquitous unit operation for offshore facilities. See you in 2023.



Hank Rawlins, PhD, P.E.
Managing Director/CTO
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