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Facilities Sand Management Training Course Videos – CC in English and Spanish (B-FSM-199)

eProcess put our Facilities Sand Management course on-line with a set of videos covering all 11+ training modules. These videos can be found at the link below.

eProcess Technologies: Advancing Separation Solutions (eprocess-training.com)

All eleven training module videos are now provided with Closed Captioning (CC) in English or Spanish.

The recommended progression through the course is shown below.

The main training course requires a fee, while the four demo videos are free.

The site focuses on Facilities Sand Management (FSM), which is a specialized subject area previously unavailable to the engineering professional in the oil & gas industry.

This is not a marketing or selling course. Our biggest challenge as a company is the lack of proper information, solid engineering foundations, and consistent and logical work-flow approach to the subject material – in the marketplace.

Our objective is that on completion of the course, the individual will have a solid foundation of knowledge to address and make informed decisions in a qualified manner. They will be able to converse with anyone, including engineering designers, equipment suppliers, and manufacturers regarding design and deployment of a proper Facilities Sand Management solution for their facilities.

I hope you find the information presented useful for your daily activities.



Hank Rawlins, PhD, P.E.
Managing Director/CTO
eProcess Technologies

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