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FSM eBlog – The Five Most Important Posts (B-FSM-196)

As we near the end of eBlog posting series on Facilities Sand Management I’d like to recommend the five most important posts to read through if you are just getting started.

The full set of posts can be found at the eProcess Technologies eBlog site here: eBlog (eprocess-tech.com).

  1. eBlog Post B-FSM-004 from August 15, 2017: A Skillful Approach for Oil & Gas Production (B-FSM-004) (eprocess-tech.com). This post provides the basis for economic benefit for sand co-production.
  2. eBlog Post B-FSM-006 from August 29, 2017: Where to Remove Sand from Oil & Gas Facilities (B-FSM-006) (eprocess-tech.com). This post introduces the Four Nodes of Sand Management with definition.
  3. eBlog Post B-FSM-034 from April 3, 2018: Solids Handling for Upstream Oil & Gas Industry: Introduction (B-FSM034) (eprocess-tech.com). This post introduces the Five Steps of Sand Management with definitions.
  4. eBlog Post B-FSM-040 from May 15, 2018: Solids Handling for Upstream Oil & Gas Industry: Putting All Five-Steps Together (OTC-24705) (B-FSM040) (eprocess-tech.com). This post details the worlds largest offshore facilities sand management system by providing the approach using the five-step methodology.
  5. eBlog Post B-FSM-171 from March 15, 2022 : Solids Dewatering-Transport-Disposal White Paper Presentation (B-FSM-171) (eprocess-tech.com). What to do with produced sand after separation is the most overlooked step in planning – and this paper provided guidelines to help.

I hope these posts provide useable information for your daily activities.


Hank Rawlins, PhD, P.E.
Managing Director/CTO
eProcess Technologies

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