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Subsea Sand Management – Recommendations and Conclusions (B-FSM-180)

If sand produced to subsea facilities…

  • Not excluded by completion equipment or production limits
  1. Separate and bypass critical equipment
  • Put sand back into production flow line downstream of processing
  • Protect multiphase pump or separating vessel
  1. Separate and dispose into injection well
  • Along with produced water or into dedicated well/zone
  1. Separate and put into retrievable containers
  • Wireline, ROV, or flotation lift
  1. Separate and put into bag/tube flexible container for local storage

Subsea Processing Requires Sand Management

  • Wells will produce sand
  • Erosion, filing, interference, or oil-in-water

No New Equipment Required for Separation

  • Proven equipment available topsides (multiphase desander)
  • Packaging for deepwater use needed

Solids Handling Main Concern

  • Conventional: Improve materials or flow path (velocity)
  • Treatment: Modify or dissolve in-situ
  • Removal: Separate then bypass or dispose or new flow stream
  • Recommendations: bypass, injection disposal, containerization

Closing Technology Gaps (Separation and Handling)

  • Coordination between major stakeholders
  • Cooperative development approach
  • Qualified experienced innovative partners


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  3. eprocess-training.com

Next week I will discuss the subsea wellhead desander.

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