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The Subsea Sand Management Challenge (B-FSM-176)

What to do with the sand? That is the subsea sand management challenge. It is the most important issue for subsea sand management. eProcess conducted a study that analyzed 33 options for handling sand in production at the sea floor.

These options can be separated into three “paths” or categories;

  1. Conventional: Manage solids production or system configuration using established design rules or technologies
  2. Treatment: Modify the solids, in-situ, to reduce or eliminate their deleterious effects
  3. Removal/Disposal: Separate solids from the well fluids and manage as separate flow stream

These three paths will be covered in further detail in subsequent posts. Below is a mind map of the 33 options for reference.


Many of these options have a large technology gap – i.e., difference between current state of the technology to where the technology needs to be for ready deployment.


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Next week I will start discussion on the three category paths.

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