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Technology is core to our Business.

The right technology at the right time can enable production from assets that would otherwise be uneconomical.  eProcess Technologies have the ability to commercialize new technologies which have immediate positive impact. This allows us to bring on oil & gas production earlier, increase overall production levels, and reduce costs.

We have been at the forefront of Facilities Sand Management, Produced Water Treatment, and Compact Separation Systems designs for more than 25 years.

eProcess personnel developed and deployed many world-firsts;

  • Deoiler Multi-liner and Pumped Systems (1987)
  • Dewatering and Dehydrating hydrocyclones (1988)
  • Package Active Cyclone Systems – PACS (1990)
  • Wellhead Desander (1994)
  • Partial Processing Systems (1996)
  • Auger Gas-Liquid Separator (1997)
  • Design of Early Production System using Full Partial-Processing Methodology (1998)
  • Caisson flotation (1999)
  • Downhole Deoiler (2001)
  • Bi/Tri-Phase Rotary Turbine and In-Line Rotary Separator (2002)
  • First Fully Automated Wellhead Desanding System for unmanned facility (2002)
  • Largest Offshore Wellhead Desander and Sand Handling System (2011)
  • Horizontal Sand Filter (2014)
  • Subsea Wellhead Desander (2014)

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