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Sand Cleaning Systems

eProcess Sand Cleaning System removes adsorbed oil from produced sand in a cyclonic-based batch process to allow local discharge. In most cases the required cleaning specification is 1 weight % oil-on-dry sand (OSPAR), which is easily met with a Sand Cleaning System. The eProcess Sand Cleaning System does not require heat or chemicals, and uses mechanical scrubbing for simple shear cleaning.

The cleaning system receives slurry directly from Wellhead Desander or Produced Water Desander Accumulators, eJECT™ Cyclonic Jetting, or any sand removal technology. An automated closed-loop scrubbing system comprised of dewatering cyclone, cleaning cyclone, accumulator, eJECT™ transporter, and educator can clean 2 tons of sand in 60-90 minutes. Cleaning water is returned to the main process or drains system, while cleaned sand is directed to discharge or bagging station. Batch operation allows matching to input/output rates for robust solids handling system design.

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