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Pre-Separation & Dehydration

eProcess has been at the forefront of Liquid-Liquid Hydrocyclone design and application for 30 years. Traditional deoiling hydrocyclones provide efficient and compact removal of low concentrations of dispersed oil from produced water. Alternate designs of the deoiling hydrocyclone geometry offer alternative liquid-liquid separation duty.

The eProcess Dehydration Hydrocyclone separates water from a continuous bulk liquid hydrocarbon phase. Typically operating on gas-condensate liquids with low oil viscosity, up to 40% water content can be reduced BS&W export specification. This technology should be located in the process with high natural pressure and temperature, and upstream of any shear inducing devices.

The eProcess Pre-Separation Hydrocyclone provided bulk oil-water separation primarily for debottlenecking of water constrained production facilities. Offering the same compact size and weight benefits of a standard deoiler hydrocyclone (<10% of conventional vessels) the Pre-Separation Hydrocyclone can reduced an 80-90% water cut stream down to <10% water in a single pass. The concentrated oil stream is treated with the existing facilities while the removed water is treated with a second stage deoiler to bring the water to discharge specification.


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