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Partial Processing – Unlocking Production Potential of Mature Fields (post B-CSS-001)

Partial Processing of produced fluids unlocks the potential from mature fields by freeing up the capacity of existing pipelines and processing equipment.  Partial Processing is the removal of a throughput constraining phase from Oil and Gas production, using compact processing equipment, where traditional separation technologies cannot be used. 

Operators of mature fields struggle to maintain production against the increasing water cuts.  With rates continually rising, pipelines and onsite processing equipment are overloaded to a point where additional salable production fluids cannot be brought to the surface unless the restriction(s) or bottleneck(s) of the process are removed.  Debottlenecking can be quite the challenge as many of these locations have constraints.  These constraints vary to include infrastructure limitations such as space and weight capacity of the existing platforms, utilities available, cost, etc.  The time and coordination it takes for solutions to be implemented is also a big challenge.

eProcess Partial Processing systems offer an innovation solution that is both compact and efficient.  These systems can be packaged for simplicity or to have full on-skid automation in accordance with specifications for a turnkey solution.


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