eProcess Technologies

eProcess Technologies specializes in cyclonic separation equipment.

Cyclonic technology is the leading separation unit process for upstream oil & gas industry:

  • Extremely efficient phase separation (gas-liquid, gas-solid, liquid-liquid, and solid-liquid)
  • No moving parts
  • Insensitivity to platform or facility motion
  • Highest throughput-to-size ratio – most compact of all phase separation technologies
  • Excellent turndown
  • Robust operation across a wide range of fluid properties

Integration of cyclones into oil & gas production based systems requires personnel that are fully conversant with the principle, function, and maintenance requirements of this equipment. eProcess engineers have worked with cyclonic technologies since the early 1980s. We use in-house software tools, identify hardware options, and provide ongoing training and operations support.

By providing high quality products and full engineering support, eProcess provides integrated process separation solutions to Topsides, Subsea, and Downhole facilities.


Click on a link below to see where cyclones can improve your facilities processing.

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