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Separator Jetting – Key Items and Technical Paper References (B-FSM-132)

This is the last post pertaining to Facilities Sand Management training module M7 on Separator Jetting. Next I will start on module M8 on Sand Cleaning.

Key Items

Production separators require solids removal (pre or in-situ)

Standard Jetting System

  • Jet spacing formula and F-factor
  • Balance spray pressure, water usage, and wear
  • Sand caps effective for outlet
  • Control discharge using gamma densitometer

Cyclonic Jetting System

  • Based on hydrocyclone principles
  • Provides shielded vortex sand removal
  • Single row for small diameter and double row (angled units) for large diameter
  • Fixed pressure, flow, and design

Critical to automate jetting system – or don’t install it!

Slurry Transport, Dewatering, and Disposal key part of system

Key Technical Paper References

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