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Solids Dewatering, Transport, and Disposal – 80/20 Rule for FSM Design (B-FSM-153)

This is a very simple principle to keep in mind when laying out the overall Facilities Sand Management design. It is also helpful in managing expectations from operations and management.

The primary goal is to get the solids away from the facility and dispose of properly – without interrupting production.

An improperly designed dewatering/transport/disposal system will constipate the entire solids handling system.

80/20 Rule

  • 80% of the FSM cost is the separation equipment (CAPEX)
  • 80% of the work/operation of FSM is the dewatering-transport-disposal method (OPEX)

All solids handling systems should be designed starting with identification of the proper disposal route – then work backwards to meet those requirements.


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Next week I will start cover questions to ask during D-T-D design.

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