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Wellhead Screen-Filter – Key Items and Technical Paper References (post B-FSM-110)

The key items to remember for the wellhead screen filter are listed below.

  • Wellhead Screen-Filter (WSF) is a well service tool for separating solids during well cleanup and flow-back
  • WSF uses a cylindrical screen for coarse separation (>100 microns)
  • Flow pattern is from inside-to-out and solids discharge is a batch operation (requires 2 x 100% units)
  • WSF operates in multiphase flow from 0-100% GVF and mechanical designs include API 5/10/15K
  • Limiting operating factors are screen aperture velocity (erosion control), pressure drop (burst control), and fill time (50 liters hold-up)


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In the next series of articles I will cover separator jetting design.

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