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Demonstration Video 2 – Accumulator Operation and Purge (B-FSM-183)

A series of equipment demonstration videos have been produced to show the process operations of key Facilities Sand Management equipment.

The second of these videos is for the accumulator. The accumulator sits directly below the desander (liquid or multiphase) and collects the separated solids for batch discharge from the process.

This video shows the following items;

  • 150 liter accumulator with vertical 2.2:1 aspect ratio
  • 400 micron sand in water
  • Sand is discharged from accumulator through 1 inch hose
  • All demonstrations use purge water at 15 psig pressure introduced at the top of the accumulator
  • The first demonstration shows the sand discharged from the bottom of the accumulator (normal operation)
  • The second demonstration shows the sand discharged from the top of the accumulator, using an internal stand-pipe

The video can be accessed via our training website at www.eprocess-training.com/demo-videos/.


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