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Demonstration Video 3 – eJECT Operation (B-FSM-184)

A series of equipment demonstration videos have been produced to show the process operations of key Facilities Sand Management equipment.

The third of these videos is for the eJECT cyclonic jetting and transporter system. The eJECT is used to purge accumulated sand from production equipment – such as 3 phase separators, FWKO, CPI, and other gravity based vessels.

This video shows the following items;

  • eJECT set up and configuration in a horizontal vessel (simulates a two or three phase production separator)
  • Routing of spray and discharge piping
  • Operation above and below the water line
  • Discharge of slurry into a hydrocyclone
  • Sand removal area of influence
  • Shielded vortex sand removal
  • Sand removal from vertical vessel

The video can be accessed via our training website at www.eprocess-training.com/demo-videos/.



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