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Demonstration Video 4 – Offshore FSM System (B-FSM-185)

A series of equipment demonstration videos have been produced to show the process operations of key Facilities Sand Management equipment.

The fourth of these videos shows the Facilities Sand Management Five-Step methodology applied to the world’s largest offshore FSM system. This system is located offshore Malaysia on a deepwater (1300 m) spar.

This video shows the following items;

  • Step 1: Ten (10) wellhead desanders used to remove sand pre-choke
  • Step 2: Ten (10) accumulators designed to collect the separated sand from the associated WHD
  • Step 3: Sand cleaning system (not detailed on video, but added at later date)
  • Step 4: Two-stage dewatering system using hydrocyclones and open dewatering bag
  • Step 5: Transport via ship-to-shore for solids disposal
  • The details of the system are provided in paper OTC-24705-MS presented at 2014 OTC Asia.

The video can be accessed via our training website at www.eprocess-training.com/demo-videos/.


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