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Multiphase Desander – Key Items and Technical References (B-FSM097)

Important note at The Sweet Palace – Philipsburg, MT

In this article we finish the discussion of the multiphase desander.

Key Items

  • All oil & gas wells produce sand. Multiphase desanding removes the sand in Node 4 (post B-FSM-006)
  • A multiphase desander is unit process device based on cyclonic technology. It has the highest throughput-size ratio of any separating technology (post B-FSM-079).
  • Wellhead desanding protects choke, flow lines, separator, and downstream equipment while wellstream desanding protects the separator and downstream equipment (B-FSM-081)
  • Separation of sand at the wellhead can restore or increase hydrocarbon production (B-FSM-004)
  • Sand removed at wellhead is easy to transport and handle
  • Wellhead desander operates at 0-100% GVF (B-FSM-087 and B-FSM-092)
  • Single insert design most appropriate for multiphase flow
  • Mechanical design available from ANSI 150# to API 15K

The references below are the best to start with in regards to multiphase cyclonic desanding.


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This article completes the discussion on Multiphase Desanding. I will be taking a few months break before starting the next series on Multiphase Screen-Filters – also called Dual-Pot Sand Filters.

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