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Partial Processing – Development History – U.K. (B-CSS-009)

In 1996-1997, the eight-member joint industry project (JIP) consisting of Arco, BP, Elf, Halliburton, Petrobras, Saudi Aramco, Shell Expro, and Unocal conducted parallel testing of the Gas-Liquid Auger (bulk gas removal) and two stage liquid-liquid cyclone to the Shell Thai Lan Krabu program.

The photo above shows the trial package setup at BP Wytch Farm Field.  This trial test skid is a larger scale pilot that showed the same results at scaled down version is Southeast Asia.  Three compact Gas-Liquid cylindrical cyclones were tested for comparison. The G-L Auger provided excellent compact bulk gas removal and simple operation.  The trials showed that up to 90% of the water can be removed from a high water cut stream with the use of a Pre-Separator cyclone followed by a deoiling hydrocyclone.


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