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Sand Cleaning – Step 1: Slurry Dewater and Solids Capture (B-FSM-143)

The following actions comprise Step 1 of the package operation – Slurry Dewater and Solids Capture. These steps accompany the following graphic.

  1. The sand cleaning package is initially offline. As previously described it is set up for batch cleaning and designed as a 150# rated system.
  2. Initially fill piping, slurry cyclone, and accumulator with clean utility water. Bring piping up to minimum transport velocity.
  3. Introduce slurry from header. Bring slurry cyclone up to desired differential pressure.
  4. Slurry is dewatered with liquid overflow stream reporting to closed drains or recapture to processes.
  5. Solids captured to accumulator. Run dewatering until header empty or accumulator full.
  6. Stop introduction of slurry to header and post-flush all piping with clean utility water.
  7. Skid package taken off-line.


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Next week I will cover Step 2 – the Cleaning cycle.

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