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Sand Cleaning – What Is/Is-Not Cleaned from Produced Solids (B-FSM-135)

(Not Cleaned)


  • Radiation cannot be cleaned – the solids must be injected or landfilled

Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S)

  • This is a gas phase constituent – vapors must be purged and captured

Heavy Metals (i.e., Hg or As)

  • Heavy metals require extraction – the solids must be injected or landfilled

Pyrophoric Solids (i.e., FeS)

  • These are combustible items – requires chemical treatment or keep inert for injection/landfill


Liquid Hydrocarbon (Oil) Coating

  • Sand cleaning removes adsorbed oil coating from solid particles for overboard discharge
  • Purpose is to clean the sand for disposal – not recover the oil


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Next week I will cover “What Is/Is-Not Cleaned from Produced Solids”.

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