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Sand Management Is Not a Shovel(B-FSM-003)

Inclusion Methodology does allow, or co-produce, sand to the surface for sustained production. However, most facilities and production engineers have the view that sand in the production equipment equals downtime.

If sand management is viewed as a shovel – or maintenance exercise – then the full benefit of sand co-production will not be realized.

Quadrant 3: Surface Facilities Maintenance

Goal: Try to minimize production downtime.

  • Scheduled/unscheduled maintenance for sand cleanout (e.g. shutdown and shovel)
  • Design impacts: erosion resistant chokes/valves, impact tees in piping, profile instrumentation and sand jetting in separator, pump impeller replacement, etc.
  • Operations impact: replace eroded components and manage residence time reduction from sand build-up
  • CAPEX: Low-Medium | OPEX: Medium | Production: Increase

While spares management can be a philosophy it is a reactionary approach. The focus become how do we deal with sand (as a hassle), as opposed to what benefit can sand produce.

The next post on Facilities Sand Management (Quadrant 4) introduces methods and technologies to realize performance improvement through skillful sand handling.


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