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Separator Jetting – Spray Nozzle and Sand Pan Design (post B-FSM-117)

The graphic of the sand pan design in header can be found here.

Two of the components in a traditional spray jet system design are the spray nozzles and the sand pan.

Spray Nozzle Tip Selection

The nozzle tip makes the jet spray to push settled sand to slurry outlet.

Nozzle type design recommendations:

  • Flat v-jet type tip
  • 45 degree jet spray angle
  • Appropriate material of construction for corrosion/temperature (typically stainless steel)
  • Nozzle opening diameter should be > 3mm – smaller sizes often become blocked
  • Suppliers of these type nozzles include Lurmark, Lechler, and Steinen (photo shown below)

Sand Pan Design

There are many different sand pan designs – with each supplier providing their own variation. In general they will have the following features. An example of one supplier is shown in the header graphic.

Inverted V-Pan or Trough

  • Primarily acts as vortex breaker
  • Also to keep sand from pushing up into oil phase
  • And aid in longitudinal movement to outlets

Pan Usually has Triangular Slot Openings

  • Continuous or systematic spacing
  • 50-75 mm equilateral triangle shape

Pan may rest on bottom or be suspended from overhead support

A (poor quality) graphic below from one of my old jobs is shown below to provides some dimensional guidance. This project had a 300 mm wide x 163 mm high sand pan with small slot openings spaced at 600 mm. Each opening was a triangle at ~50 mm height and width.

Note: we did have problems with the small slot openings getting bridged over frequently – this is not a great design. In the next few posts I will show why sand pans – even though used very frequently – should be avoided.


Next week I will start discussing a design procedure for traditional spray jetting systems.


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