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Solids Dewatering-Transport-Disposal – Key Items and Technical Paper References (B-FSM-167)

This post concludes the discussion on solids dewatering-transport-disposal. This series was started with post B-FSM-152.

Key Takeaway Items from the D-T-D training Module

  1. All solids handling systems should start with identification of the proper disposal location
  2. Dewatering is removal of free liquids from sand slurry to minimize disposal volume
  • Open (non-hazardous) or closed (hazardous) dewatering systems
  1. Final disposal site determines transport method
  • As slurry in piping or as dewatered sand in bin/bag
  1. Four main groups of locations
  • Landfill disposal
  • Overboard discharge
  • Slurry fracture injection (SFI)
  • Unique methods
  1. Environmental regulations concerning specific contaminants is primary factor in disposal route


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Next week I will have a special announcement about an SPE Sand Management course coming up in March 2022.

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