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Solids Dewatering-Transport-Disposal White Paper Presentation (post B-FSM-171)

At the SPE workshop entitled “Sand Management in Production – Common Themes and Unconventional Challenged” in Dallas, TX I will be presenting a white paper on solids handling and disposal. The abstract is listed below.


The primary role of offshore solids handling is to properly remove and dispose of produced solids, without interruption or shutdown. Most sand management papers focus on the separation component only (i.e., wellhead desander, jetting system, or produced water desander). However, 80% of the capital expenditure (CAPEX) is attributed to separating devices, and 80% of the operating expenditure (OPEX) in sand handling operations involves dewatering, transport, and disposal (D-T-D). The present work outlines questions to ask during facility design and provides guidelines, calculations, and examples on each of the sand handling steps to be implemented after separation. Sand handling is not a waste-stream treatment exercise but a critical flow assurance issue. Following all five steps of Facilities Sand Management (FSM) will maximize hydrocarbon production and minimize the operating costs.

This paper will be presented in Session 10 on Thursday, March 17, 2022.

A copy of the paper can be downloaded here.

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