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The Five Steps of Sand Management for Subsea (B-FSM-175)

Applying the Five Steps of Sand Management to Subsea is the same methodology used as for surface facilities.

Separation: required

  • Separation will take place either in the separating vessel with jetting or with subsea wellhead desander

Collection: required

  • Collection will take place in the separator vessel bottom section or dedicated subsea wellhead desander accumulator

Cleaning: not required

  • Cleaning will not be required. If subsea solids discharge is ever allowed, then yes cleaning could be used – but that disposal step is doubtful

Dewater: probably not required

  • Dewatering always depends on the final solids disposal route – for injection or pipe transport no, but for containerization with retrieval then yes it will be required

Transport: required

  • Sand will need to be disposed of from process once separated


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Next week I will start discussion on the three categories for design approaches.

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