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Wellhead Screen-Filter – Operating Envelope (B-FSM-107)

The purpose of the multiphase model is to determine the operating envelope of the WSF and match appropriately to the application. The performance curve and design factors from the previous post can be assimilated into a screen selection guide set of curves. An example curve is presented as follows.

The curve presented is for a specific size WSF (i.e., 15 cm diameter screen in this case) and specific pressure (i.e., 2000 psig in this case). A range of screen aperture sizes are given – from 100 to 400 micron in 50 micron steps.

For each size aperture an operating line is provided. The safe operating range is below the line. For example, a screen with 150 micron aperture can operate from 16 MMSCFD+0 BLPD to 0 MMSCFD+24,500 BLPD at 2000 psig. Above this line the screen may have premature failure from erosion or bursting.

A manual of curves is provided for each screen size and operating pressures up to the limit (i.e. 10,000 psig in this case).



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Next week I will cover WSF operating boundaries.

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