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Facilities Sand Management

  1. What to do with Produced Solids after Separation: Dewatering, Transport, and Disposal.
    SPE ATCE, Houston, October 2022.    Paper     Presentation
  2. The Subsea Sand Management Challenge – “What to do with the sand?”
    OTC, Houston, May 2019.    Paper     Presentation
  3. Enhanced Production Through Surface Facilities Sand Management
    SPE Distinguished Lecturer Presentation, 2018-2019.
  4. Particle Transfer Between the Cyclone and Accumulator Sections of a Desander
    SPE Oil & Gas Facilities (peer-review), August 2018.
  5. Separating Solids First – Design and Operation of the Multiphase Desander
    SPE WRM, California, April 2017.    Paper     Presentation
  6. Design of a Cyclonic-Jetting and Slurry-Transport System for Separators
    SPE Oil & Gas Facilities (peer-review), February 2016
  7. Upgrade of Spar Topsides with Comprehensive Facilities Sand Management System
    SPE OTC-Asia, Malaysia, March 2014.    Paper     Presentation
  8. Study on the Interaction of a Flooded Core Hydrocyclone (Desander) and Accumulation Chamber for Separation of Solids from Produced Water
    Produced Water Society, Houston, January 2014.    Paper     Presentation
  9. Sand Management Methodologies for Sustained Facilities Operations
    SPE Oil & Gas Facilities, Vol. 2, No. 5, pp. 27-34, October 2013
  10. Design of a Cyclonic Solids Jetting Device and Slurry Transport System for Production Systems
    SPE ATCE, Louisiana, October 2013.    Paper     Presentation
  11. Sand Management Methodologies for Sustained Facilities Operations
    SPE NATCE, Egypt, April 2013.    Paper     Presentation
  12. A Comparison of Methodologies for Handling Produced Sand and Solids to Achieve Sustainable Hydrocarbon Production
    SPE EFDC, The Netherlands, June 2007
  13. Application of Multiphase Desander Technology to Oil and Gas Production
    BHR Int. Conf. on Multiphase Technology, June 2002
  14. Design and Installation of a Sand Separation and Handling System for a Gulf of Mexico Oil Production Facility
    SPE Production & Facilities, August 2001

Produced Water Treatment

  1. Operating Limits of the Desanding Hydrocyclone for Produced Water Treatment.
    Whitepaper, February 2024.  Paper
  2. Produced Water Treatment with Deoiling Hydrocyclones – Misconceptions & Corrections.
    SPE WRM, Alaska, May 2023.     Paper     Presentation
  3. Produced Water Treatment with Deoiling Hydrocyclones – Misconceptions & Corrections.
    Whitepaper, August 2022
  4. Experimental Study on Oil and Solids Removal in Nutshell Filters for Produced-Water Treatment
    SPE WRM, California, April 2018.    Paper     Presentation
  5. Experimental Study on Oil Removal in Nutshell Filters for Produced-Water Treatment
    SPE Production & Operations (peer-review), June 2017
  6. Mechanisms for Flotation of Fine Oil Droplets
    SME, Colorado, March 2011
  7. Characterization of Deep Bed Filter Media for Oil Removal from Produced Water
    SME, Arizona, March 2010
  8. Flotation of Fine Oil Droplets in Petroleum Production Circuit
    SME, Recent Advances in Mineral Processing Plant Design, 2009
  9. The Separation of Solids and Liquids with Hydrocyclone Based Technology for Water Treatment and Crude Processing
    SPE APOGCE, Australia, November 1994

Compact Separation Systems

  1. Partial Subsea Bypass to Keep Sand Out of Critical Equipment
    OFFSHORE ENGINEER, Jennifer Pallanich, August 2019
  2. Partial Processing: Produced Water Debottlenecking Unlocks Production on Offshore Thailand MOPU Platform
    SPE ATCE, San Antonio, October 2017.    Paper     Presentation
  3. The Case for Compact Separation
    Journal of Petroleum Technology, May 2003
  4. Optimization of a Horizontal Flow Electrostatic Coalescer in Offshore Gulf of Mexico Service
    SPE ATCE, San Antonio, October 2002
  5. Testing of an In-Line Rotary Separator at the Chevron F. Ramirez Gas Production Facility
    LRGCC, Oklahoma, February 2002
  6. Field Test Results of a Rotary Separator Turbine on the Ram/Powell TLP
    OTC, Houston, May 2001
  7. Design and Analysis of a Multiphase Turbine for Compact Gas-Liquid Separation
    SPE ATCE, Dallas, October 2000
  8. A new software suite for separation concept evaluation and performance trouble-shooting
    IBC Conference, Norway, May 1999
  9. Design Basis of a Compact Production System for Minimum Size and Maximum Flexibility
    IBC Conference, Houston, November 1997

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